Get Exclusive Dhakai Jamdani Sharee!

Jamdani is a wearable garment made of corpus cotton with a unique weaving method.
The design is embroidered with a third thread while weaving the jamdani. 
As at least 300 counts of yarn are used in muslin weaving,
 70-80 counts of yarn are usually used in jamdani weaving.
Jamdani is made in many places but Dhaka is considered to be the original birthplace of Jamdani.
Jamdani cloth is made by designing on muslin. Jamdani usually means sari. However, nakshi orna, kurta, turban, handkerchief, curtain etc
 were also made with jamdani.
Jamdani is a favorite symbol of Bengali women's aristocracy.
Without this sari, the wardrobe of Bengali women will not be complete.
Here are some beautiful sharees which gives us a wonderful flavour of tradition.

Special care is also required in the care of fine yarn jamdani.
This shari cannot be cleaned very easily in ordinary soapy water 
has to be cleaned by special Kata wash method.
Jamdani shari is better in steel cabinets than wooden cabinets.

Sea green with golden jori work
Sea green with golden Jori work
Deep jam colour with golden Jori work
Light mint with golden jori work
Deep magenta
Light yellow with Jori work
Deep Nevi blue,green,red & yellow super combination

According to the design, Jamdani has various names such as Tercha, Jalpar, Panna Hazar, Korola, Dublajal, Saburga, Balihar, Shapla Phul, Anguralata, Mayurapachpar, Baghanli, Kalmilta, Chandra, Jhumka, Butidar, Jhalar, Mayurpakha, Puilta, Butterflies, Jasmine, Hansbalaka, Shabnam, Jhumka, Jabaful, etc. Whatever the design, Jamdani is unique in any form. Aafrin’s Exclusive Jamdani will be your digital wardrobe.


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