A smile can gives you bundle of happiness.

Suddenly the sleep was broken.
I was so overwhelmed with sleep that I couldn’t understand what saw in my dream.
I started to remember the dream a little bit by rubbing my eyes.

I think the impossible went with a lovely swing.Unknowingly, a smile froze in the corner of her face. Yet the love of the dream makes me happy. A window next to my bed at the hostel and there was an open roof outside the window. Which, of course, made me lose my temper.

The dream was just that a small sapling was one of the green pot.
The green color makes it look alive all the time.
This green sapling was wrapped in beautiful paper inside a gift box.

A handful of sunshine fell on the saplings and its turns into a flower.
The flower was so beautiful and definitely flowers are always symbol of simplicity.

Sunshine plays a vital role in the blooming of that flower.
Many times Sunshine is not in our lives and the innocence and beauty of life become fade. Its really very toughest time when you have lost all the color.


7 thoughts on “A smile can gives you bundle of happiness.

  1. Hi Afrin, I enjoyed your thoughts on blooming. I hope you are having a great week and staying safe. Thanks for visiting my blog and following it. I look forward to getting better acquainted. 🙂 Marsha Ingrao, Always Write.


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